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Around age 10, Troy lost the fat all over his body and his stomach stuck way out. He was hungry all the time.

About generalized lipodystrophy (GL)

Generalized lipodystrophy (GL) is a disease in which people have little to no fat tissue all over the body.


means all over


means fat


means abnormal loss of tissue

GL is a rare disease, which means that only a small number of people are affected by it. For this reason, it can be difficult to diagnose.

Generalized lipodystrophy is one type of lipodystrophy. There are other types of lipodystrophy, and each type has its own set of signs and symptoms. This website will focus only on generalized lipodystrophy.

Faces of GL: Stories of life before a GL diagnosis

People often asked why Dena and Raeya were so skinny or so muscular, but before they learned that they had GL, there were no answers. Play video to learn more.